The Dos And Don’ts Of Article Spinning

When you are trying to market your business, it is a great idea to post articles on the Internet that can link back to your site. It is a bad idea to post the same information all over the place, which is why many people implement article spinning into their plans. This can be a great idea, but only if it is done right. The following article will give you a good idea of what should and should not be done.


DO spin articles that were created by you. Taking content that belongs to someone is plagiarism, even if you use an article spinner to modify it. If you only spin your own articles, this is not something that you will need to worry about. The only exception to this rule is if you spin original content that you purchased from someone else and you have sole rights to it.

DON’T create too many spun articles from the same piece of work. It may seem like a good idea to spread your work around and spin it as much as you can, but unless done really well, this will start to ruin the uniqueness of the original content. If you’re just starting out, you should spin one article no more than five times before putting it to bed and writing another. Again, the idea is to be unique, so having multiple versions of the same article floating around does not reflect well on you.

The Best Spinner

DO edit the article you spin before publishing them. Many times using article spinning software will create articles that need to be corrected. This is because the synonyms being placed in the spun article may not read well once the content is created. Double-check everything to make sure that it is clear and readable. While many business owners may use an article spinner from time to time, you do not want everyone reading it to know that this is how it was created.

DON’T post any completed spun articles online before you test them to see how unique they are. There are many programs available on the Web that will allow you to compare two article to gauge their uniqueness. If you use this software and you are told that they are less than 80% unique, it may be a good idea for you to work on creating a unique rewrite based on the spun article. While having a spinner is convenient and it prevents you from having to write tons of content, you should not use this in place of creating original content; it should be done in combination.

Here’s some suggestions: (Do a search for “duplicate content”…)

Now that you know a bit more about article spinning, it is time for you to get out there and give it a try. It may be a little strange at first, but you will definitely get used to it over time. The tips in the article above can be referred to if you have any trouble. The next thing to do would be to rewrite some original content and get going.

Then; once you’ve done a few by hand check out the tools that can make this process much much easier. The Best Spinner is the acknowledged leader in the market – it has the most users and the biggest development budget. It’s good and we use it in our business every week.